Why Property Valuers?

Why Property Valuer is needed?

Property is traded as a commodity and as a result, its prices fluctuate. It is not listed on an exchange from where the prices could be known instantly, there comes a role of a property valuer, who does the valuation based on various parameters.

Why Get Property Evaluated?

Property Valuation is required in the Following Cases:

Acquisition property by the Government Advance payment against works contract by private or Government agency.

Auction value assessment Bank Guarantees creation against immovable assets

Capital Gain Tax assessment and evaluation Co-op. Society, Charitable Trusts and business entity valuation

Credit rating assessment of an individual or an organization Dissolution of a Partnership or joint venture and division of assets Division of Assets in the Family Divorce cases for assets distribution.

Foreign and domestic Collaboration to arrive at investments by collaborators

General Insurance for Insurance Cover and claim processing

Why Get Property Evaluated?


Housing Loan assessment by banks and financial institutions.

Image building exercise where assets are a point of attention

Income Tax- for filing and in case of assessment by the authorities.

Liquidation cases for recovery of monies on any account

Property Transfer cases

Purchase, Sale, Takeovers and Mergers Registration in government departments

Rent and Depreciation calculation

Security with Power Supply Companies Stamp Duty assessment Testaments and Wills for successors.

Vacating Premises by a tenant towards the land lord

Visas -for establishing net worth as per norms of the travelled country

Wealth Tax assessment